My Life As An Artist: In A Nutshell

My Life As An Artist: In A Nutshell

Hello! My name is Misty Lemons (Misty Blue is a nickname) and this is my new artist blog! I’m a mom, Texan, wife, and award winning artist!

I will be posting about my art, my process, events I will be attending, and more! There’s so much I want to share that social media doesn’t quite allow for. The ultimate goal with my art is to get representation with an agency and have my work sold on products throughout the world. That’s the dream, the hope, and the goal that I’m working hard towards.

I paint in acrylic and also do digital illustration. I’ve painted on rainbarrels, rocks, canvas, wood, and more! I started doing my digital illustrations on a tiny little iPhone drawing with just my finger. I eventually graduated to a Samsung Galaxy Note with a stylus and now I use an iPad with pencil. But I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a crayon!

Misty Blue is a nickname I got from a coworker at a Summer job I had when I was a teen. I believe I was 14. I was working as a custodian through a Summer job program for the city I lived in at the time. It was to help prepare kids for the workforce. I was actually working as a custodian in the middle school I attended! All my coworkers were amazing and it was a great experience! (They took pity on me, since it was my school, and didn’t make me clean the toilets. I would have, but they said I didn’t have to. See, told you they were great!)

I hope you’ll follow my blog and spread the word! Thank you for being here and taking this journey with me!

To Learn More About Me And My Artwork, Please Visit:

Copyrights: Misty R. Lemons/Designs By Misty Blue Do Not Copy

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