New Artist Logo: An Inside Look

New Artist Logo: An Inside Look

Hello, lovely reader! I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’re having a good day!

As I write this, it’s sunny and cold outside (Winter). An oxymoron! And it’s Friday! Yippee! Which in itself is reason to celebrate, but I also have exciting news! I’ve created a new logo!

First, I want to discuss my old logo! I created my unicorn logo almost two years ago. I chose the unicorn for my design because it’s a unique, strong, and legendary creature. I designed it with playfulness and simplicity in mind, though. I also love color, so incorporated several.

The first logo I designed for myself

Since I’ve been painting and drawing llamas for a few years now and have become more recognized for it, it makes more sense to have a llama as my new logo.

My new logo!

Again, I incorporated loads of color. But, I also have a duplicate outline in black, for simplicity’s sake.

I wanted the llama to have glasses because I wear glasses. Adding a bow onto the apron lends a touch of femininity, along with the heartshaped glasses and pearls she’s wearing.

The design is more intricately detailed. Holding a paintbrush and palette, you immediately know it’s an artist. Whereas the unicorn is unique, you can’t really gather what it represents.

I’m pleased with how she turned out. I’m calling it “Llamonet” as a nod to Monet, the artist. Monet is a world renowned artist who was visually impaired. I myself have been diagnosed with macular degeneration, so I can certainly empathize with having problems with sight.

It is my hope that this logo shows a strong female character that inspires others.

Copyrights: Misty R. Lemons/Designs By Misty Blue Do Not Copy

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