Keeping Hope Alive As An Artist

Keeping Hope Alive As An Artist

Adding a little levity during this difficult time to help others stay hopeful

As so many Americans are being confronted with coronavirus, there is a feeling of panic. I myself am not immune to this feeling. I suffer from chronic illness, as do several members of my family. We weren’t blessed with good health. And that’s just what good health is. A blessing! Whether you choose to believe in a god or not, good health is a gift to cherish. Some people are genetically predisposed for good health, while others aren’t so fortunate. I’m not fortunate in that department, sadly. So, I can’t help but feel frightened and anxious over this illness. I’m at risk. My family is at risk. But sitting around waiting for something bad to happen is also not healthy. In fact, just this past Friday, I had read so much terrible news that day, I literally felt sick that night and couldn’t sleep. So, I prayed and decided to do what I can do to feel more in control. Worrying will make me sick and not help matters. So, I will keep my house clean, eat as healthy as I can, not hoard when I shop, keep my hands clean, only leave my home when it’s necessary, spend quality time with my son, and create art to give others hope and peace. I’m already seeing so many artists doing just that on their social media, as well. We’re all going to do our part to keep up hope, to entertain, and be good humans. So, please if you’re feeling anxious and like the world is spinning out of control, find positive things you can control. Focus on the good. And whether you are an artist or not, you can post positive things on social media to help others. May you and your loved ones stay safe and well. We can get through this together. We can help save lives.

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