The Arts Attack In Mansfield Texas

The Arts Attack In Mansfield Texas

Mansfield Commission For The Arts invited me to set up a booth at a Halloween art event they put on for the town. It was my first art booth of the year. I have been extremely leery of doing any events this year, due to the pandemic, but this event would be outside and all artists would be safely spaced out along a walking trail.

Aside from being windy, it was a beautiful night!

I packed up my little car and headed out. When I got there, they put me at the bottom of a hill/driveway. People would be able to walk by me on their way to the trail with other artists and performers. At the top of the hill and next to me was a singer dressed like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. She sang several songs by Imagine Dragons and my favorite Cranberries song “Zombie”. Across from us were actors dressed in Victorian costumes doing a play about murder and every now and then we’d see an actor amble around in character as a zombie. He had the walk down and everything. He was very good!

The zombie almost got us, until he realized we didn’t have any brains for him! 😉

We saw so many great costumes on patrons! We saw the Mandalorian with baby Yoda, we saw Mary Poppins and her chimney sweep, a great big purple dragon, a princess kitty, and a homemade turkey costume, to name a few!

It was nice to see so many smiling faces, especially since times have been so tough on everyone. It was good to just get out of the house too! Overall, I felt pretty safe and we had a good time! We made some sales and passed out some cards also!

Thank you to all my wonderful customers! Your support of my art means a great deal to me! Thank you and have a safe and happy Halloween!

I went with a Day Of The Dead sugarskull themed costume. I wanted to keep the makeup simple because of my vibrant mask and the flowers in my hair.

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Copyrights: Misty R. Lemons/Designs By Misty Blue Do Not Copy

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