Love Sets Us Free Mural

Love Sets Us Free Mural

Mansfield Commission For The Arts wanted volunteers to paint murals that would be used as selfie stations at marathons, festivals, and other events. They asked that artists use a love or music theme. I jumped at the chance to create a mural with a love theme. In the future, they will budget for artists to create murals and be paid for their work, so that’s exciting news as well.

For my mural, I wanted to relay a heartfelt message. I toyed with “Give Love”, “Choose Love”, and finally came up with “Love Sets Us Free”, which was inspired by a song I was listening to while painting the mural. It was “Set You Free” by Sam Ryder. He’s an amazing vocalist and this is my favorite song of his. I hope you’ll check it out.

Here I am with my finished mural “Love Sets Us Free” Copyrights: Misty R. Lemons/Designs By Misty Blue Do Not Copy

This is my largest painting to date. It stands 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. I rolled the base color on it while it was laying flat on the floor, but stood the piece up in order to paint the rest of the design. I used a ladder to paint where I couldn’t reach. I’m a shorty, so a ladder was essential!

The surface wasn’t perfectly smooth, which makes it challenging to paint a smooth seamless design. Painting on rocks has helped me learn how to deal with such challenges, though, as rocks aren’t always smooth and often have cracks, holes, and jagged bits.

For this particular piece, I wanted clouds in the background. I decided to try spray painting them, something I’ve never done before. I watched some tutorials on YouTube from graffiti artists. I wound up just winging it, though, as I couldn’t achieve the look I was going for. In the end, I have a greater respect for artists who use spray paint as their main medium. It’s not as easy to work with as they make it look. I imagine it takes a lot of practice. But, I was able to create a misty, wispy, dreamy sort of cloud accumulation that I’m pleased with. I finished the mural by spraying silver and gold glitter all over it. It’s going to really sparkle in sunlight!

“Love Sets Us Free” Copyrights: Misty R. Lemons/Designs By Misty Blue Do Not Copy

The first event the mural will be displayed at is a virtual marathon, Run With HeART on February 27th and 28th in Mansfield Texas. Participants will be eligible for prizes and selfie station murals add to the fun!

“Love Sets Us Free” Copyrights: Misty R. Lemons/Designs By Misty Blue Do Not Copy

Given how difficult this past year has been for so many, I’m excited that I was able to do this and I hope, even in some small way, that I was able to help people feel better.

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Copyrights: Misty R. Lemons/Designs By Misty Blue Do Not Copy

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