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Thank You, Mrs. Groves!

Thank You, Mrs. Groves!

The interview I did for being Artist Of The Month for Mansfield Commission For The Arts is now live on their Facebook page!

My Video Interview

The interviewer, Tim, was so nice and professional. I appreciate him and his expertise. Being my first video interview, I was pretty nervous, but also excited and humbled. He helped put my nerves at ease, though.

To all those who have encouraged me, thank you!

Before the interview, I got to talk with him a little bit. I asked him if he’d heard of Bob Phillips from Texas Country Reporter on TV. He said he had, but through the festival that they hold in Waxahachie and not the TV show. Well, I always wanted to be interviewed by Bob Phillips when I was a kid. I love(d) his show! I jokingly told Tim he was Bob Phillips for the day. We had a good chuckle over it.

Here I am with one of my favorite paintings, “Intertwined With The Blues”. It was behind me during the interview.

For those who have never heard of the show, Bob Phillips would drive around all over Texas and interview interesting people. People who were artists or did other amazing things. I have always loved that show and thought Bob was so warm and did an amazing job interviewing people. He captures your imagination and draws you into their stories.

Here I am discussing why I’ve chosen llamas as a central theme in my artwork.

In my interview, I spoke about my first grade teacher, Mrs. Groves. She encouraged me and showed me how my art can make a difference. Without her, who knows how different my life would be. She was an amazing teacher. Thank you for believing in me, Mrs. Groves!

I played my interview for my husband and our son and they both said they’re proud of me and thought I did a great job. I was worried about how I’d come across and how I looked, but I think my heart showed and that’s what matters most.

Painting during my interview.

I hope you’ll take a gander and maybe even like and share it! I want my art to brighten up people’s lives and make the world a sweeter, more colorful place.

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Welcome To My World!

Welcome To My World!

Every now and then you’ll see artists posting to challenges on Instagram. It’s a fun way to connect and to try something new.

I recently saw the #toonme challenge. It’s where you take a photo of yourself, most likely a selfie, and divide it in two by illustrating one half of the image and leaving the other half mostly untouched.

There are some really cool designs from thousands of artists and it’s like you get a sneak peek into each individual world they’ve imagined! I saw one where this woman had drawn a dragon where the other half of her face should be. It was totally awesome!

For mine, I started off with a selfie I had recently taken. I drew the line dividing the image and then got to work on my design. I tried for a more realistic feel first, but it didn’t feel right to me. What did feel right was more cartoony!

Welcome to my world!

I took inspiration from the drawing I did of myself as a Muppet recently. (You can read more about that in one of my previous blog posts.) I added a few of my favorite things. A glamorous llama, a dainty butterfly, a silly ladybug, a rainbow, and hearts!

I left out my glasses in my cartoon world because I don’t need glasses there!

I really love this challenge! It was fun to do and it’s fun to see all the different designs by all the artists who’ve participated in it!

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Hi Ho! It’s Back To Work I Go!

Hi Ho! It’s Back To Work I Go!

After resting from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I’m back at it! I started a painting a couple of weeks ago, have done a few digital illustrations, done a video interview about my artwork (my first ever!), and just entered an art contest.

Work in progress!

Today I entered three pieces into San Antonio Art League And Museum‘s 90th Juried Artists Exhibition. This is my first time entering this particular competition. I usually steer clear of contests you pay to enter, but this competition came to me from a reliable source, so I thought I’d take a chance. With $10,000 in prizes and a chance to be recognized and exhibited, I figured it was definitely worth a shot! They will announce accepted submissions in early March, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

The pieces I entered into SAALM‘s 90th Juried Artists Exhibition

I’ve also reserved a booth for Arts Week in Mansfield Texas starting March 6th. The fee is $45. Which, isn’t bad at all. I looked into having a booth in a local Christmas event this past holiday season and that was around $200! For an artist starting out, that’s a lot of money. I didn’t do that event. So, you can see how $45 is more doable!

During Arts Week, I’ll be surrounded by other artists. This will be a little intimidating. They’ve probably been doing events like this for awhile and may even have a following. Here’s hoping my neighbors will be nice and that I make some sales!

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Awkward But Nice: Thoughts Of An Introverted Artist

Awkward But Nice: Thoughts Of An Introverted Artist

As I sit here I’m struggling to find words. I know the things I’d like to discuss, but how to arrange the words in a pleasing manner? In a way that will gain interested followers? More sales? Interest agents? Blah blah blah!

Here I am with a piece I created this past Christmas

I just want to be me and create art! I don’t want to have to think constantly about gaining followers, everchanging algorithms, or how I’m going to sell my work to better support my family. It’s so stressful!

I’m not a salesperson, but I am most definitely an introvert. I’m just kind of awkward. I don’t always know the right things to say and my face usually shows my feelings. So if I feel awkward, I can’t seem to hide that fact. And I’ve been told people think I’m too nice sometimes. But that’s me! I’m real! Both nice and awkward! Awkward but nice!

When I’m not painting, I also like to do photography

At any rate, I wanted to talk about a couple of things I have in the works in the coming months. But I’ve been kind of just taking it easy since Christmas. I worked my bahookie off last year and pushed super hard at the end of the year. I just needed to catch my breath and reset. Literally!

All dressed up for my Artist Of The Month video interview (I didn’t faint! Thank goodness!)

I’m still creating and am making plans for the coming months. But I’m also just trying to be more relaxed. After catching a cold recently, I’m still struggling to breathe. My asthma has been flaring up and it’s kicking my tail. I’m ready for cold and flu season to be over, that’s for sure!

In the next week or two I’ll have the video from my interview with Mansfield Commission For The Arts regarding my being chosen as February’s Artist Of The Month. So stay tuned for that, friends! Until then, take care. I hope you’re doing well and finding joy and peace in this oftentimes chaotic world.

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Artist Of The Month

Artist Of The Month

Yesterday I was notified that I will be Artist Of The Month for Mansfield (Texas) Commission For The Arts in February!

Here I am with my painted rock and first ever blue ribbon at the State Fair Of Texas (2019)

I will be doing a video interview this Thursday, discussing my artwork and myself a little bit. They will be posting it to their Facebook on February 1st.

When I told my husband he just smiled and laughed! With good reason, of coarse! He knows me well. These type of things make me nervous/excited.

Case in point: when I was in middle school, I was called to the stage for a choir award. No big deal, right? Well, I was called first! All eyes on me! I took the stage and fainted!

Recognition is nice, don’t get me wrong and I am not complaining in the least. I’m extremely grateful. It’s just not every day I’m in the spotlight.

That said, if in the future I need to conduct more of these types of interviews, this will be excellent practice.

Maybe, I could do the interview like this! That’s not too weird, right?

I’m sure I’ll be fine! I clean up nicely and I do love talking about creating art, so it should be all good! Wish me luck, just in case, though! I’ll keep you updated!

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Hope Smiles For A New Year

Hope Smiles For A New Year

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘It will be happier’. – Lord Tennyson

So thankful for all the wonderful things that happened this past year!

As the year comes to a close, I find myself looking back. What have I accomplished? What were my failures? What have I learned and how have I grown from it?

Going in to 2019, I knew I’d be turning forty at the end of the year. So, I wanted to make the year as memorable as possible. I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something. I kept my eyes open for opportunity, took a chance on myself, worked hard, and I was not disappointed.

But first, let me rewind a little bit here! In 2011, I had my thyroid removed. I had two large painful nodules on it that were making me miserable. I suffered for years up to that point with pain and strange symptoms. Once my thyroid was removed, they found I had the beginnings of thyroid cancer. In the time leading up to that, I adopted the word ‘Hope’ as my mantra and the anchor was my symbol of strength (as in “I’m still here, hanging on”). Hope saw me through some extremely trying times.

To this day I hold onto hope tightly. But with hope, I know that you also have to work hard for it. Meaning it takes work to keep the faith that things will get better, all the while actually working to make it so.

My llama painted rock with the blue ribbon I won at the State Fair Of Texas for it

Though, I’ve had some wins throughout this past year, I also had a couple of losses. I’ve learned that it’s good to try new things, to put myself out there more, and that even the losses can be wins when you learn from them.

I look forward to what 2020 holds for me and my artwork and I hope you’ll come along for the ride! I expect good things!

My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!

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By Farr The Best Art Exhibition

By Farr The Best Art Exhibition

My first exclusive art exhibit at the Farr Best Theater in Mansfield Texas ends tomorrow. It has had a good run of over a month and a half! If you didn’t get to come out and see it, I made a little video, so you don’t have to feel left out!

Virtual Tour Of My Exhibit

I want to take a moment to thank Rosalie Gilbert from Mansfield’s Commission For The Arts. She invited me to show my work at the theater and set up booths as well. I appreciate the opportunities and am truly grateful for the experience.

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Christmas Market In Godley Texas

Christmas Market In Godley Texas

Godley‘s first ever Christmas Market is a fun event that will showcase handmade holiday gift items and more from local vendors!

On December 21st from 5:30-8 the Christmas Market will open and yours truly will be there with a booth set up!

Hot cocoa, cookies, and a mule driven wagon ride will also be there to add to the family fun!

The address is 300 E. Railroad St. in Godley TX. I hope to see you there!

*Update: I’m adding pictures from the market, so you can see how we were set up and to see my sweet llama sweater!

Here I am setting up and I look llamazing!

Initially we were given one table to set up on, but when a vendor didn’t show, I was given the whole room! Which was nice because space was limited and I was able to spread out.

The organizer of the event supplied the tables and table covers. She also gave us cocoa and cupcakes! So thoughtful!
The main table
Loving the little chalkboard signs! So handy and cute!
The red contrasted nicely with my work!

I’m grateful for the opportunity and for the time I got to spend with my son!

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A Muppets Fan

A Muppets Fan

When I was a child, I had the joy of experiencing The Muppets on television. They had cartoons, movies, and holiday specials.

My younger brother loved Gonzo with his chickens, Fozzie Bear, Kermit, the Swedish Chef, Beaker… So many vibrant, hilarious characters to choose from! I loved Animal, the grumpy old guys who would do commentary, Beaker, Big Bird, Snuffleupagus, Super Grover, the yip yip nope nope aliens on Sesame Street (I couldn’t get enough of those guys!), and more!

Yip Yip Nope Nope Aliens from Sesame Street

Our mom got us cute little Muppets of our own one Christmas. I got MissPiggy and my brother got Kermit. They were so adorable and I loved cuddling with mine. She was just so pretty and festive! Our mom also got us Muppet coloring books. Which, I loved!

I love Frankenstein, so I figured a mashup would be cool!

I don’t have many good memories growing up, but some of the best ones include the Muppets.

Anyone who knows the Muppets knows of the Muppets creator, Jim Henson. I always thought he was someone to look up to. He was everything I wanted to be. Creative, kind, doing something he loved, bringing joy to others, having fun, and being a success at it.

When Jim Henson died, I was around 11 years old. I remember hearing about his death on the news. I was devastated. I think I probably even cried. I just remember it felt like a hole in the world. A light had gone out. He was such a positive influence in my life, such a big part of my childhood. It hurt and I could hardly believe it. But his legacy lives on and I’ve never forgotten how happy his creations made me!

A while back, I came across an Instagram account for Guy Gilchrist. He worked with Jim Henson. He was his cartoonist and friend. He seems to have what you’d want in a Jim Henson cartoonist, a kind heart and a passion for people and life. I love seeing his illustrations! They are so inspiring and fun!

Seeing his work has definitely inspired me as an artist! So much so that the other day I got to thinking… I wondered what I might look like if I were a Muppet! You know, as you do! So I got out my iPad and started drawing!

Here’s a side by side for a little reference! Lol!

I knew right off the bat that I’d want aqua (my favorite color) colored “skin” and either fuchsia or purple hair. My hair kind of sticks up, so I had to figure out what that might look like on a Muppet.

Next, I had to plan out head and facial feature shapes. I know that I have a round shaped face, so that was easily figured into the design. I have a slightly turned up nose, but you don’t really see Muppets with noses like that. I wound up going with just a round nose. And in keeping with the round theme, I rounded the eyes also.

Purple hair was chosen, so that I could use pink for the nose and a little pink blush on the cheeks. Sometimes I wear a flower in my hair and often times I wear pearl stud earrings, so I wanted to add that to my Muppet.

I hope Jim Henson would have approved! I think it’s cute and captures my essence pretty well! I just wanted to honor him and if I could, I’d thank him for making my childhood better. Thank you, Jim! Thank you, Guy! And thank you to Caroll Spinney (Big Bird’s puppeteer)! 

In memory of Caroll Spinney

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Behind The Scenes Of An Artist’s Life During The Holidays

Behind The Scenes Of An Artist’s Life During The Holidays

Behind the scenes realism here. I’ve been pushing so hard working to get things listed in my shops for the holidays, building up my inventory (which means making things, drawing new things, editing designs, ordering my work on products, such as Christmas cards and ornaments), setting up a booth and my art exhibit, and looking for a new site to showcase my portfolio and sell my work from, that maybe I pushed too hard. It caught up with me.

I’ve got a cold. I’m wiped out and am having a hard time with the down time. I just want to be up working. Doing. I enjoy the work. I like being busy. I give 110% effort always. I’m working on my dream and I like the sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, but I know I have to prioritize my health too. So, while I’m down, I hope you will check out my shops. I worked really hard, have loved every second of it, and poured all my heart and soul into every piece! And when I’m better, I’ll be back at it!

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