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Exciting New Art Web Series

Exciting New Art Web Series

So I started a thing! I’m really excited about it too! It’s a new web series on YouTube called “What The Heck Is Misty Making?!”

Temporary title card. I’ll probably come up with something else later.

I’m 95% sure I have undiagnosed ADHD or ADD. I get hyperfocused on projects all the time. One week I could be creating stickers and the next painting a pair of rollerskates (which, by the way, I’ll be doing soon)! It’s not a bad thing. I learn so much and have fun doing it! I’m pretty good at multi-tasking too! Not to mention, I create lots of cool things! Like just the other week, I painted watercolor roses and turned them into bookmarks! I put a couple in my shop!

Here I am holding up one of the watercolor rose bookmarks I made

For my first episode, I painted watercolor watermelons. I’ve actually been sick this past week, but I wanted to start this series. So, if I seem less peppy than usual in the video, that’s why. And I created the video to be in line with National Watermelon Day, but am posting a couple days late, since I’ve been under the weather. I’m actually going to the doctor today. Hopefully, I’ll be feeling better soon!

This is a stock image of the rollerskates I’ll be painting! I got pink wings and rainbow shoelaces for the skates too! They’re going to be epic!

In the video, I say “What The Heck Is Misty Doing” but have decided to replace “doing” with “making”. Just wanted to clear that up, so there’s no confusion.

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